Denver Weather: Record Lows Set Nearly 100 Years Ago May Fall By Tuesday

A link about the weather going on in my neck of the woods.

Just found out that the Denver Colosium is shipping in 50 more homeless men sometime tonight!

Fifty more souls to pray for!

There has been a lot of talk about the police sweeping homeless camps this last week.

This concerns me in a way…

Sleep deprivation has been linked to various types of cancer from studies I’ve read. And I know that’s not fair to say, and have no footnotes. Forgive me, yet what I have found was actually disturbing!

And I actually felt angry about the whole situation!

Why do the captors always sleep deprive their captives? It’s not to give them cancer. Just a byproduct. It’s about control, and keeping them, the enemy, off balance.

There’s no love, mercy, compassion from the system running things now.

Any love, mercy, and compassion happens, usually on a one on one plane of existence… person to person. Especially here on the streets and in any shelters.

Just something to think about. Along with the research of sleep deprivation studies pointing to a break down within the body leading to different types of cancer, even years later!

Who would be to blame?

For me watching, experiencing the treatment of the poor by the modern day church, along with the laws of the land… create a situation where the devil, and his children… sure can flourish even more… As if he needs any help!

So you, and I need to be, get, and stay vigelent

O Lord have mercy on us!

Forgive my rambling!?

I’m concerned about the homeless, and the weather coming for the next couple of days!

Please remember the poor!? Please remember the needful!? Please remember God, the good Lord, made you both!?

Thank you for stopping by and reading the writings of a mad man!

God bless you all, and your families ❤️

PS: help someone stay warm, and alive for God’s sake! If you can!?

Stay vigilant my friends! For the devil prowls about seeking who he may devour!

Keep your lanterns full, and your wick’s trimmed…

For the Master is coming!

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