Watch “Homeless Woman Was Arrested for Sleeping in Her Car so Now She Sleeps on the Ground Next to Her Car” on YouTube

This is such a sad reality in our world now.

We get in trouble with the law’s of the land that go against His Holy Scripture!

It just goes to show how much the devil is running things in this present darkness!?

It also shows how the light of the world ( God’s children) is helping this present darkness with so much blood on our hands!?

I love this website, invisible people! Check it out please?

Thank you for stopping by and reading the writings of a mad man.

God bless you and your families ❤️


  1. Agent X says:

    Change of subject, I suppose, but it’s late, I am tired, and you have my attention for a few minutes before I retire for the night.

    I feel a sense of comfort hearing from you before going to bed at night. I guess I just feel better if I hear someone say Good Night Johnboy. I suppose it is that simple. But I want very much for you to have comforts and I feel better when I hear from you and think you are feeling blessed.
    I have spent many a night on the streets of Lubbock amid the homeless. Depending on where we were sleeping, I had mostly miserable nights… Miserable in the wee hours anyway. I had some good times too, but the part where the rich conversation and fellowship gave way to sleep on the pavement usually got pretty tough. Some nights cold and windy got extra tough.

    I recall one night lying under a tree looking up through the bare branches at the stars through the light pollution and feeling utterly forsaken. I wasn’t of course. I always had the option to pack it in and go home, and from time to time I did – depending on various things. But normally I would stay and tough it out and I would suffer despair. Really struggle against it.

    Sympathy pains, maybe, but pains of loneliness. I could FEEL the cold pavement beneath me and the slow deterioration and detachment from my church friends as I would do this and they seemed to have no idea or appreciation. To the extent they did know, I think I was quietly scorned and held in contempt. I could feel it.

    So, hearing from you at this hour and knowing YOU KNOW what it is like out there and sensing your buoyancy of spirit amid all of that, gives me hope and companionship.

    God bless you…

    And good night.

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    1. anonymous~ says:

      Thank you John boy!
      I’m actually more blessed than most around me, and it’s not pride that makes me feel blessed, it’s knowing in some small way God’s grace, and hanging on to it with every breath… sometimes with a struggle with the devil for he never wants us to sence the grace of God. I have had a particularly rough day for me, and yet God in his infinite mercy has held me close, and so has Mother Mary. It’s so easy sometimes to take all my blessings for granted, and yet, just look around and see the sea of lost souls… And it brings tears to my eyes reminding me that for what ever reason I have been graced, and chosen by the Lord himself, and I wouldn’t give that up for ANYTHING.
      I hope that rambling made some sense?

      What bothered me is someone I thought I could trust stole from me.

      It shocked me, and I felt sad, and a little hurt but mostly… I know that they feel horrible inside, and the reality of this, if God doesn’t intervene is the person will use more drugs or alcohol to cover the painful past.

      Please pray for them?
      And me?

      God bless you and your family Agent X!

      Thank you for your support and encouragement especially in these dark times.

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  2. Agent X says:

    I wonder if you might find this blog encouraging… and if you might encourage this blogger as you do me…

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  3. Agent X says:

    She got ticketed for this sleeping in her car on church property!

    Oh wow! What I would give to have the address and the pastor’s name! I wonder if the pastor even KNOWS. And if so, could the church possibly get this reversed? Could they let this nice lady come inside to sleep? Would someone in that church take her into a guest room?

    What would Jesus do?


    Breaks my heart.

    And I think of all the dear friends I have on the streets who are a raging mess. Lovely people, but bad behavior and bad attitudes… But this lady is the antithesis of all of that.


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    1. anonymous~ says:

      She’s definitely not what most people would expect of a homeless person, for sure.
      And, what happened to her happens often, and by being in the system it drains you emotionally, physically, and especially spiritually even on a decent day, and usually it will keep a person on the streets because of the financial burden it puts on them.

      Jesus wept.

      I hate to say this, yet it seems to me that the blood of these souls caught up like she is, is on the modern day church’s hands!

      And they really don’t care about the very ones they are supposed to be here for!

      They truly are the blind leading the blind… right into the proverbial ditch!

      It truly is heartbreaking on both sides! They both lose!

      The only thing I can think of doing is to definitely keep her, and all like her in our prayers! Morning and night!

      Thank you for stopping by, Agent X.
      Always an honor to have your input ❤️

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