To lament the brokenness of the church today!

This I realized is what has happened to me, I lament for the church’s brokenness!

When it comes to their treatment of the poor, homeless, the underprivileged, I weep for the hardness of their hearts, and the blood on their hands that they don’t even know is dripping from their fingers!

Our narcissistic – consumerism mentally as the supposed body of the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ, and with every purchase of whatever we just can’t live without… how many do we murder, and betray!?

How in this present darkness, of our heart blindness to the utter misery of the poor, and absolutely destitute in our own back yards do we sleep at night?

Why we don’t cry out to God from our brokenness of not truly loving our neighbors, and just maybe he will hear our prayers?!

What brought this to my attention is this, yesterday I was having a rough day, very sad, and a little uncertain about what I am doing, and attempting to cling to God for the sea of my sadness surrounded me!

Then I for some crazy reason decided to look something up on Google, thank God for Google, lol.

And I wasn’t even sure what I was doing, and then I stumbled across a title of a book, Prophetic Lament.

To be totally honest, I haven’t a clue as to what I am doing.

Except for expressing what I have read in Holy Scripture, and comparing that to what I have seen, and experienced within the church communities across this country.

This has not been my choice.

Well, yes, and no.

I do have a choice to follow what I believe God has laid upon my heart no matter how much I am loved or hated. And, my pride loves to feel liked! Lord have mercy!

I didn’t wake up one morning and think… Hay, I’ll give them a dose of their own medicine, using the Holy Scriptures to show you/us our hypocrocies towards the poor, and homeless.

The words of God concerning the poor and, needy, orphans, widowed… burned within me to the point that I have questioned my sanity at times!

This has brought me such pain, and anguish within myself for both sides, and having a horrible ability to write adequately for such an important subject to my God! Lord help me!

It has also made me into, that guy… Alone, shunned by almost everyone including within my own church, and family.

So to get back to my topic…

It was a relief, and a dagger in my heart to realise that what I have been graced with, these feelings produced by allowing the words of God to infiltrate the depths of my being, and then to allow the spirit of God, as best I can, to write what I wrote because of the simple fact that I lament for all of us, both sides!

I’m actually very scared concerning what I sense is about to unfold in our world in regards to the church, and it’s direct relationship with the poor!

And, we don’t lament for ourselves or the poor, and that is scary!

It’s difficult for me to read Holy Scripture on account of, when I read the stories in Holy Scripture…

It’s like I get to see it through God’s eyes, and heart, through time, and honestly it’s agonizingly painful, and I cry.

I know, and understand that I sound crazy, and maybe I am! Yet, I would rather be this way than the way I was before the good Lord found me, completely hateful, selfish and hating God!

So, I will cry to God for the homeless and poor, and the broken church, and to you, and pray that He will hear our cries, and heal our stone hearts so we may live together in truth, and the glory of God will draw people to you/me for it shall shine like the 🌞 for all to see!

I hope, and pray that you were able to get something out of this craziness of mine, besides the fact that I am crazy?

Thank you for stopping by and reading the writings of a mad man!

God bless you all!


    1. anonymous~ says:

      It’s a funny thing to realize that God has had His heart towards me throughout my whole life at my age, and the the life I’ve lived. Then to end up being the guy who won’t, and can’t shut up about what God not has shown me yet how He saved me from the dark place I was, and turned me into that guy!! lOl 😆
      He has infinite mercy, and grace, and what I do on the blog terrifies me because, if I’m wrong… I’m in big trouble 😭 Lord Jesus Christ have mercy, and don’t allow me to be deceived!!! Amen!
      God bless you, and your families!!

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