Here are a couple of stories I’d like to share.

I’m having an off day! Okay, maybe an off few years!! Yet, today has been exceptionally trying, this young man I shared with some personal information, and his response to what I said, and his reaction to the facts I laid before him about God’s heart towards the poor, specifically! He became defensive about the modern church, trying to justify their treatment towards the poor as good! And all I said was that there are almost two hund verses which speak otherwise!
What the modern church is doing is but a shadow, if even that, of what is spoken of in scripture, by the mouth of the living God as to what we are to do. Specifically, Isaiah 58, Matt 24, the whole book Amos is a good place to start, I think. Psalm 10, not to mention the Psalms are full o,f verses for the poor, as is the book of Job, and proverbs.

That was a conversation that took place a few years ago, if I remember correctly.

I’m just going to tell you this story, and see if you see what I saw?!

I had been on the road for a while and ended up in Arlington, Tex., I found myself sitting on a concrete bench dedicated to the good work of…so and so… (Sorry I don’t remember their names.) And as I sat there people started walking by… heading to a church at the end of the parking lot that lay before me, and the building I realized was very large, a first Baptist Church actually. So, I watched the the people go by in droves, and not one said ‘ g.ood morning ‘, no invites inside…or anything at all! I sat, and watched, realizing what I was seeing… The abondonment of the poor by the very people who were sent to help. Then out of nowhere a little girl came around the corner and hollered; hay mister… are you okay? And I said; Yes dear I’m okay. Now you need to go back to Mom and Dad sweetie. And as this transaction of love was happening right before all of our eyes to see… The parents of that beautiful angel missed the whole lesson their own daughter showed us all?!! It was truly beautiful ❤️. ( This memory… Makes my eyes tear up making it difficult to write.) I was 51 or 52 then.