A little bit about me.

Ever since I was knocked to my knees in 2017, and the blessed Lord showed me more through His sight… of the clay I truly am in His beautiful hands, and how my experiences could help others struggling in this evil, deceitful world find a path out of their shadow of death! ☠️

It has, and is the most humbling thing to offer ourselves to another to only point the way, being the best example of self sacrifice only for their benefit, asking nothing from them! To prayerfully show them how much God loves them, through your actions, and words towards them! Being gentle, and meek as a servant!

I’ve been blessed with being a blessing to a number of individuals in the last few years, praise God 🙏

Here goes my pitch….

I’ve been asked by a dear friend for help.

I’m flying a sign for now to see if the good Lord will bless me, and my friend with a bus ticket for me to get to Redding, CA, ASAP!

I honestly don’t like asking anything from you ladies, and gentlemen, and yet, I must utilize every available avenue to get to Redding,

knowing that if God wants me there… he’ll open the door for me through his love for the poor! Amen!

I’m unable to utilize any of the state services for transportation because they require for you to have a place to stay, as in an apartment or someones home.

I get that, yet my situation is as a servant, living as my Lord did, as best as I can, and then He carries me.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 😊

Thank you for stopping by and reading the writing’s of a madman. 💓

May the good Lord bless you, and your families, my friends! 😘

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