When I’m wrestling with God and His Word… I write it down.

And sometimes it writes itself out. So, here’s what came from my journal.

* What verse or set of words from, the very book we profess to call our guide to living, could break through the hardness of our hearts of stone?

The very words of God, our Creator resounding through, and through with the words of a heartbroken, and fearful Mother! Crying for fear of what will come upon her children if they will not turn back to her loving care, and abandon their idolatry! That only ever leads to destruction, and ultimately, separation from our Creator, our Lord Jesus Christ, and His kingdom He has prepared for us!

What are we to do?

* The point is: How are we treating the poor, and needy?

* Am I, my brother’s keeper? As Cain said to his brother’s Maker?

Or am I missing something?

What do Gods beautiful words have to say about the poor, and the needy?

* 197 times the poor are spoken of in a Protestant bible in a loving, caring manner!

* 245 times are the poor spoken about in an Orthodox bible also in a loving, caring manner!

* Could the fear of retribution, and annihilation motivate us to treat the poor as Father sees fit? It doesn’t look like it!

* God saw fit to punish Israel with exile and destruction on account of how they were treating the poor!

* Paul said: if we have not love… even though we sell our very flesh to help the poor… We have NOTHING!

* So, maybe fear of retribution isn’t the key to our hard hearts?

* God said: that he would give us a new heart, and that he would write his law upon it!

* Yea, hath God said, …?

* If God so loved the world… Why did He send His only begotten Son to proclaim the gospel (good news!) to the poor, specifically?!

* And why are all the other “commandments” ignored?!

* Isn’t it funny how we have chosen through our vain words to either deceive ourselves or being deceived we turn our backs on the only God among the gods that truly loves and cares for us!!

In all this betrayal, and deception we desecrate the very image of our betrayed Lord sitting outside those locked church doors!

* Where is, love your brother as yourself in this message?

* And the voice of Abels blood cried from the ground…

* Here is a heads up regarding our Merciful God… God had mercy on Cain by not killing him!? Even though Cain didn’t repent of his, slaying his brother, Abel.

* Am I my brother’s keeper?

* With a switching of two words we have, I am my brother’s keeper!?

* This is basically the slogan of God concerning the treatment of the poor, needy, orphans, widows, fatherless, travelers, wander!

* You are your brother’s keeper, guardian, helper according to the blessed words of wisdom of the Holy Scriptures!

* A light to the world, aren’t you to be?

* If the salt has lost its flavor… what good is it?

* Be the salt of the earth!

* What is salt good for?

* Salt cleans and protects!

* Clean and protect the least of these!? My brethren.

* We are called: children of God!

* Act like it!

* Surprise the world! Not to mention transforming the whole world in the process with Gods glory wrapped around you shining like the Lords love hanging there on his bloody cross!

Please the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Father by being at the very least kind to a poor, needy person, family!?

That’s was a little bit of my journal. I hope it helps even in some meager way.

Thank you for reading the writings of a madman. 💕

God bless you and your families. ❤

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