The point is, how are you treating the poor and needy?

Hello everyone. I am grateful to be able to write again. 💗

I’m just going to get right to it if you don’t mind.

What verses or words from the very book we claim as our guide for living could break through the heardness of our hearts?

The very word’s of God, our Creator, resound through and through with the cry of a heartbroken mother!

Crying for fear of what will come upon his children who have gone astray like lost sheep.

For doesn’t God know that wolves are out in sheep’s clothing waiting for his children, you, and the poor?!

He’s waiting for the modern day Church to turn back to his loving care, abandon their idolatry, narcissism on steroids, which only ever lead’s to destruction, separation from God, our Father, and be healed, washed clean!

What are we to do?

I have been thourghtly convinced that what ever I do or don’t do towards a poor person is either a kiss on God’s cheek or a slap in his face.

What does his words have to say about this? Do you know?

197 times, roughly, in the K.J.V., and 245 times, roughly, in most Orthodox bibles our Father’s loving words regarding the treatment of the poor is expressed as only a loving God can!

Could fear of retribution, annialstion motive us to treat the poor as our Father has expressed, repeatedly throughout his Holy Scripture!

God saw fit to punish Israel with exile, and destruction for how they treated the poor!

Paul says, if you have not love.. even though you sell your own flesh to help the poor… We have NOTHING!

So, maybe fear of retribution isn’t the 🗝️ to our hard hearts.

God said, He would give us a new heart, and write the law upon our hearts!

God so loved the world that he sent His Son to proclaim the gospel to the poor, specifically!

Luke, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, Wherefore he hath appointed me to preach the gospel to the poor,..”

And, why are all the other “commandments”, and “thou shalt not”(s), ignored?

Isn’t it funny how we have chosen through vain words to either deceive ourselves, or being deceived… We turn our backs on the only God among the god’s who cares about us!

And in turning our backs away from God knowingly, or unknowingly, we gain a twisted view of the world, without God, and then a man is no longer in His image, and our treatment of the poor reflects this so starkly it blinds me!

And Ables blood cried from the ground, and God heard the cry of innocence blood for the first time!

Yet, here is a heads up regarding our merciful God…

God had mercy on Cain for murdering his brother, and allowed him to live!

Even though Cain didn’t really repent for murdering his brother. “Am I my brothers keeper?”, Cain said to the Lord!

With a slight turn of word’s…

I am my brothers keeper!

This might be our slogan!?

This is basically the slogan I read in God’s Holy Scripture regarding the treatment of the poor, needy, widows, homeless, orphans, fatherless, travelers, wanderer!!

You are called to be your brothers keeper! This i am sure.

A light to the world, aren’t you to be?

If the salt has lost it’s flavor, what good is it?

Be the salt of the earth!

What is salt good for?

It cleans, and protects!

So, clean and protect some poor, needy, brothers and sisters, and you’ll be the lord’s child!

You are called: “children of the living God”?

Then act like it!

Surprise the world, and please God, our Father in heaven!

Thank you for stopping by and reading the writings of a mad man.

God’s blessings to you and your families. 💕

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