God is great!

Hello everyone!

I want to let you all know that my phone shutdown for over a month! And I’m glad to be back online! Yay, God 🙏

I couldn’t wait to get back online and get the blog going again.

And now that I’m able to write again… I’m terrified!

Yet, what is a man to do when he feels the hand of God?

To know how much He loves us!

To be reminded how much He loves the poor everyday just by witnessing the continuous abuse’s, mistreatment, abandonment, and down right cruelty of the modern day Church towards the poor, needy, widows, homeless within their own cities!

Forgive my inconstancy?

I am going to get the second part of my Isaiah series out as soon as I can, given my circumstances.

It’s so good to be back online again.

Thank you all for your prayers, patience, and support.

God’s blessings to you and your families! 💕


  1. Agent X says:


    It appears that my blog is coming to an end. Not 100% sure yet, but it seems highly likely.

    I am sorta sad about it.

    However, the main thing is that I have a few friends I want to maintain contact with even after. IF you are interested, please send me an email contact in a comment on my blog. I will NOT publish it, if you do. But I have other projects and desires for friendship outside of the blog-O-sphere, and I would love to share some of that with you in the future. Consider this an invitation.

    God bless, and Tnx for blogging


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    1. anonymous~ says:

      Agent X, I’m glad to hear from you. I’m sad to know your blog is being laid to rest, my friend.
      Yet, I understand that life, and our Lord has other things in store for you, and your family.
      This is an email you can reach me at.

      I look forward to hearing from you, and learning about your projects. Thank you for all your help, encouragement, support, and prayers!
      God’s blessings to you and your family, Agent X!
      And, thank you for the invite, I’m honored. 💕


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