My people perish for lack of knowledge.

Others are not found for lack of love, and perish from lack thereof.

This is the reality we face every moment of every single day any of us are on the streets!

Here’s a link to an article put out last year regarding a rise in homeless deaths just in L.A.

It rings with the warning God gives about their blood upon our hands!?

Thank you for stopping by and, reading the writings of a mad man.

PS: I’ve come to realize that the other installment of Isaiah’s verses regarding the poor is going to have to come out in sections, pt. 1., pt. 2., etc. It’s actually become such a huge project that there wasn’t a better choice so i could continue with it, and not be totally overwhelmed by the depth, and width of God’s Holy words comparing them to our society, and our culture of death, and greed. Our judgments, our betrayal of our God, and His Holy words we ignore everyday.

God’s blessings upon you and your families. 💕

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