He humbled himself… To be our servant.

I ask, are we not to do the same as He?

To serve others?

To esteem them more than ourselves?

He is our example?

To follow His voice, and no other?

For isn’t He the shepherd of our souls, right?

Isn’t He our our High Priest?

Isn’t He the author, and finisher of our faith? ( To me faith encompasses or includes, Love! As my faith in God grows so does my love for God, and fallen mankind. Just a thought.)

The modern day church amazes me. There like a bunch of five year olds with very big Bank accounts, and expensive toys to show everyone how much God loves them! When their poor, ravaged brother or sister is outside without a coat, clean clothes, maybe worn for weeks, and no shoes on their soor dirty feet, and you eat in luxury, with counsel from satan himself right from the pulpit!

I call them five year olds on account that they do not discern the times or clearly what their in-actions on their part is creating for themselves in God’s realm, the spiritual side of God’s creation!!

A horrible calamity is coming!!!

It’s on account of our choices, and our actions behind those choices!!

Be very weary about your thoughts, and become aware of the sinful patterns laid there!!

When attacked by those sinful thoughts please read the psalms, and the entire book of Ephesians.

What is it that we obsess about?

Our needs being met?

I’ve been homeless for almost a decade, and my needs have always been met, and then some!

I know I have never gone without because of His grace, and concern for me.

I know without a doubt that God, and the whole heavenly court, and all the holy Host of heaven, and all the Saints love me, and pray for me, everyday! For if they did not, I would have been dead or insane along time ago!

As a horrible example of a follower of the Risen Lord, and a protocol son many times over…

I call Him, Papa, Father in my heart! This calls for a prayer…

Please… Pray for more harvesters!? This takes heart, God’s heart! The heart of the sacrificial… the Lamb of God!

Oh Father in heaven, God Almighty… Bless us, your poor brothers and sisters abandoned by the world, and the modern day church!! We beseach thee, O Lord to ask Our Mother Mary to pray for us! To shower us with the abundant grace’s You have bestowed upon her, Our Mother! We implore You Lord to break the icy heart’s of Your people asleep in the pews!! To give them a broken and contrite heart towards You, and us, your abandoned, despised, lost, and broken children!! We know the darkness, and the demon is heavy upon our brothers and sisters in the pews, and their understanding has been darkened… leading them to the Abyss… unaware they are led away from Your light, and love… We plead for their hearts and eyes to be opened… and the true light of Christ, the Risen Lord’s unbounding grace, and love shine through them, in their thoughts, prayers, and actions… Taking every thought captive to Christ, and His Cross! So they can see that the fields are ripe for harvest, and the harvesters are few! Amen!

To see that the fields are ripe for harvest, and yet, the harvesters are few!!

Please… Pray for more harvesters!!

This takes heart… God’s heart… The heart of the sacrificial Lamb! Who became your servant as your Master and example, as your husband, and you His bride… To show you how to serve, and what the cost is…

“When Christ bids a man to come and follow Him… He bids him to come and die…” Dietrich Bonhoeffer (paraphrased?)

I want everyone to know, I don’t write just for you, yet mostly, I am as convicted by the words as you are sometimes. I to, struggle to find the path that is narrow. Stay in prayer as much as possible! Trust God to help, and guide you, and I!!

Thank you for stopping by and reading the writings of a crazy old man, seemingly touched by the grace of God! Thank you Lord!

I have just a little more to share with you, if you wouldn’t mind?

To serve my brother’s and sister’s as if my very soul was the prize? Because it is the prize… for God’s kingdom or the fire’s of hell!! Every minute of every day we create our beliefs towards God Almighty through our time in prayer, and our care of the homeless, poor, widow’s, orphans, drunks, addicts, thieves, prostitutes! For these are the very ones Jesus hung out with. It’s not easy! I’m just a man who has been brought back from the brink of self destruction, and total aniolaition straight to the depths of hell! That’s where I was heading when I was knocked to my knees four years ago, this last November! The Lord Almighty God is my Saviour! Praise the Lord, our Father! Amen! I have to thank my dear Mother Mary. Because it was her Holy Rosary that brought me out of the living hell I was trapped in! The old Protestant in me doesn’t want to say anything regarding, Mother Mary… The Theotokos… “Mother of God”, or “God Bearer”, who has come to my rescue time and time again! And, I cannot deny what I believe to be true, and has had a continuous profound affect upon my faith in nothing but a good, wholesome, purity… Always leading me back to the foot of the cross! “His mother said to the waiters: Whatsoever he shall say to you, do ye.” This is the whole of everything I understand regarding, my dear Mother Mary!

God bless you all, and your families! Peace be with you!

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