Abandoned to his pain!

This is a heart breaking topic, no way around that.

When I was 17 my older brother committed suicide.

Two tours in vietnam, POW for six months the second tour! eight years in a bike gang, four years in a federal prison, two years out.

And in that two years with the VA’s help, he became a craps, and twenty one dealer making good money, and through a legal means of lively-hood.

By all standards, he was doing great!

This deviastated our family! Especially, Our dear mother!

I haven’t until recently really thought of my brother as one of the 22 a day that kill themselves!?

To me, he is.

May he rest in peace, and God’s light shine upon him! Amen!

Because I know my brother suffered in ways that I could never comprehend!

And I know that devil myself very well… Having attempted it three times in my life.

Yet, my last lovely wife “J”, may you rest in peace my love, swore me to a promise to never attempt it again, and I have kept that promise for eight years, praise God!

So what this is really about

I was flying a sign today on a very busy corner in Denver, and I noticed this younger man, maybe forties, and he was wondering through the busy street as traffic is whizzing by his half unclothed body! It scared me to see him there, and I told him so when he finally got across the street! It really was terrifying! At moments I honestly couldn’t watch out of sure fear! Then I’d start praying hard!

The third time he came up to me, at some point in our conversation I asked him if I could meet him in the morning, and we would attempt to contact a family member? And this scared, confused child of God/Ranger… Burst into tears! And so did I, and we cried for a minute, and made plans, praying, to meet tomorrow morning!?

I wish someone else could write this because I know that I unable to describe accurately, nor spiritually what was actually going on!

All I know is, it brought us together so he could share his broken heart with this old man, just for a minute, on some random street corner in Denver.

Please pray for me, and especially for him, the Ranger!?

PS: and what this really is about are the horrifying truth of how our veterans are treated, and abandoned to there pain?! I’ve seen so many veterans poor, destitute, homeless, and usually, and sadly addicted to something for the pain of his present, and his past!?

Would King Solomon treat his armies veterans like this?

I don’t think so!?

Thank you for stopping by and reading the writings of a mad man!

God bless you and your families ❤️

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