Without God in their world. Ephesians 2:12

Good morning everyone!

I stumbled across an article that broke my heart yesterday because I witness the best I can within our circumstances, homeless, and destitute in Denver, and it’s not easy to do because most people just don’t want to hear about God, and don’t believe in miracles anymore! Yet, I hang as close to the Risen Lord, and Mother Mary… as I can keeping my hope alive, and yes, others see this, and some come talk with me about God.

I’m just going to copy what I wrote, and pray that it makes sense.

This news of more scandal within my beautiful church, and the Vatican breaks my heart yet not so much for me, and yet it does, yet for all those I see everyday… lost, destitute, and without God in their world. No hope, and any hope of faith in God is shattered as they walk alone and hopeless as the devil takes control of their hearts, mind’s and souls… sinking them with every blow to the church further into hell on earth to die without hope or God!

Please pray for the church! Which translates into, all the children of God! He knows who they are!

And please pray for us homeless, and when you are done praying!

For your sake, and the poor… (am I my brothers keeper?) bring your love for God out to the hopelessly destitute of God, your blessings, and share your gifts with some with none?! And watch the miracles slowly, or quickly manifest! Yet miracles none the less! And yet a miracle just might be you showing up to your destiny!?

Thank you for stopping by and reading the writings of a mad man.

God bless you and your families 💗

PS: the last post didn’t come out as I had hoped. I’m conciddering redoing the whole thing. And thank you all for your patience, and prayers! 💞

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