I’ve attached a video to help express the point I believe God in His infinite mercy, and grace has painfully pointed out to me, of all people.

There are eleven prophets which shout out about the treatment of the poor!

God, in my blind observation of scripture, hates the people who mistreat the homeless, the poor!

He wiped out Israel for their treatment of the poor!

Sending them into exile!

Honestly, I’m afraid for the church, and those that claim to be God’s children, and are not!

These deceiving themselves: entertain demonic teachings, and are deceived in their own lust!

Thank you for stopping by!

God bless you all!


  1. anonymous~ says:

    Thank you for the songs 💓 sitting in a colosium with 3-400 other homeless men while I was listening to these, and looking around seeing what the words are attempting to portray to our hearts… Brought tears to my old eyes. That’s actually a good thing, my friend. If I am unable to cry for my dear brothers and sisters… Then my heart is not a heart of God. It’s become more like Pharaoh’s heart, a stone, cold, and callous.
    I understand that I can come off abrubt, and a hard liner when it comes to what I see in Holy Scripture, and what I see in the world. Yet, I know, I think, we have not much time to spread God’s message about how much He loves the poor! Thank you for sharing your music with me 💕 God bless you and your family, Agent X!


  2. Agent X says:

    Hank Williams goes back farther than I do. BUT… I have a few links comparable in subject matter, though very different style (Old, but not as Old as Hank).





    Just a few of my favorites

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    1. anonymous~ says:

      God bless you for your support! I will take a listen after dinner 🍽️ in about an hour. A buddy of mine in Redding CA, turned me on to that one from Hank Williams. I hid my tears the first time I heard it! And, God bless my friend in Redding for blessing me with hearing that message!
      Thank you Agent X!
      May God bless you and your family mightly!

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      1. Agent X says:

        I’ve got one other… but I find it less compassionate. It also is very British. I like it, but I find it hard. Maybe you know it already, maybe not. It is older than me too, but I find these things over time…

        Here is a link:



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