In Littleton CO, by September 5th.

I’ve been holding off on this matter for to long.

So, today I started putting out feelers such as, a rideshare on Craigslist. This one is my last ditch effort, only if I have no other way. And it’s funny because, I’m the kinda guy who does research lol. So the price for a Amtrak ticket is less than if I drove myself, and a round trip is the same as the one way ticket!

I looked into grayhound, yet they are limited on routes and time. Yet I know me, and because of my back I will not be using grayhound.

I have noticed that this journey I’m about to head out on is loaded with heavy emotions, grief for one, of course, regrets! That’s the one thing!

My pride, and anger, not at my godmother yet, at God, and the Holy Roman Catholic Church! Yes, I said that.

My godmother was a presious pearl! One of a kind! Totally devoted to our Lord Jesus Christ and his Mother Mary. She was a beautiful woman from her ❤️ outward… Her smile would light up your spirit 😊 I miss her, and regret hurting her feelings, and not getting the chance to repent and make amends to such a sweet soul!

This journey is for that amends I owe her.

I’m not trying to throw anyone under the bus yet, Tom understands better what I am attempting to accomplish within a Holy Roman Catholic Church sorta way. Making a full circle in this journey to Littleton. Denver Colorado is where I met my late wife in 1995. I haven’t been there since.

I have so much to pray for, and about! Praise and Thanksgiving! Because I know how much the Lord loves me. Even though I am totally unworthy of it. He still loves this crazy old man 😂

I am grateful!

Thank you for reading. This was more personal, and I wanted to share what’s going on in my little world.

God bless you all!

Please pray for me? Not about the trip so much yet, for me to be open to serve God as he wishes!?

To be open, and willing to truthfully consider my godmother’s last words to me!?

Okay, now that I have opened my heart here, let’s see what God does with this!


  1. anonymous~ says:

    Thank you so much for contributing to the insanity of this mad man, by spreading His message to His children. I’m excited to read this blog! I certainly know what it’s been like for me, wrestling with God’s words and my flesh! Not to mention my pride, O Lord have mercy! Forgive my rambling? It’s been an interesting day, and we’re not even close to dinner lol! Thank you Agent X, and God bless you and your family… Greatly! I so appreciate you!


  2. Agent X says:

    In the “What’s it worth? Department” I left a LIKE on a blog post I found where the lady seems to have bared her heart as she wrestles with her feelings about homeless people – especially since the pandemic.

    I also posted a new link to one of your old posts today.

    Got you on my heart today, I guess…

    God bless you…


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  3. Tim McGee says:

    May the peace of Christ fill your heart.

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    1. anonymous~ says:

      Thank you Tim.
      May the peace of Christ fill your 💓 also!

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