Missions vs., God’s people!?

It’s a funny thing to think that people generally point any homeless person towards the missions for help, and assistance.

I’m writing this in a response from a nurse at the hospital in Redding CA.

My friend is having a day surgery today. He’s supposed to rest for a week so his hernia surgery will heal up. Yet, being poor and homeless in this kind of situation could lead to serious problems.

He was able to rent a room in a local motel for two days, the day before the surgery, and tonight’s room after the surgery. Then he’s back living in his car during the healing from the surgery.

Honestly I’m a little concerned! Would anyone please send out request for prayer!? God knows his name.

God bless you all!

Thank you for reading this blog!


  1. anonymous~ says:

    Sad to say, no. At least not yet.


    1. Agent X says:

      It grieves me to say this, but I really sorta expected it like that.

      I think about that scene in Luke’s Gospel where Jesus is having that great discussion about the greatest commands of the Bible, “Love God and Love your neighbor”, and the wiseguy asks that deadly question: And so who is my neighbor?

      On that occasion, as part of answering that question, Jesus paints a portrait of a very unlikely, unheroic neighbor. But along the way, he paints the picture of the priest and the Levite, two cats we WOULD expect to be heroic, as abdicating their neighborliness and thus failing to obey the two great commands AND thus ditching all of the LAW and the Prophets too.

      It’s an old story. God’s people are not the heroes AGAIN.


      If it were me by myself there on the scene and you hit me up with this request, I am not so sure I personally would be ready to answer the call. I might be, and I will try to be. I will do some serious soul searching if it seems I am not ready. And in fact, I have answered such a call at various times before. But there are times when the sacrifice seems too much. Not an excuse, but hey, I get it.

      However, there is never a time when ALL THE TIME is a sacrifice too much. Especially when we talk about a BODY of believers! I, as a lone ranger Christian, cannot do it all – certainly not all the time. But WE as a body of Christ can. We really CAN!

      I don’t mean to excuse myself here, though I am doing that. It is not my point. My point is that there is this systemic aspect too, and that carries a lot more weight than the individual aspect.


      Apparently he is NOT down there among those taking his name… in vain.


      We need conviction here.

      I need conviction here.

      And we need to TEACH our assemblies!

      I think your blog here is doing that.

      I think of my friend Mama DJ who has next to NOTHING in her whole little life. But if your friend knocked on her door, she would take him in today without a second thought. She might regret it later, but she would not consider that on the upfront.

      I think of my friends Alma and Stella. Same thing! If I showed up at their doors with your friend asking if he could spend the next 5 nights there, I would be $100 I don’t have that these ladies would take him in.

      The poor are rich in faith – says St. James.

      I have seen it.

      Please share what you have with us. We need to learn what you have to teach.

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      1. anonymous~ says:

        Agent X, I’m no saint. Not even close, lol! I’ve often thought, God was really scraping the bottom of the barrel when he touched my heart. He exposed to me, in a sense, to all the anger, and wrath I have in me mostly towards God himself! You see Agent X, it is all tied to the rebellion within me, and my twisted pride! My pride actually knows no bounds. And some days I feel like a rebel without a cause because not many people wish to listen to my rettoric. And again because, it means taking that good hard look into the abyss within us. Our closet of skeletons, the fears that drive us, and separate us from our Lord! I asked him to show me how far away am I from his word?! And he continues, if I am willing, and honest, to help me not to be afraid, and to really trust him! There is a lot in that. Remember to not be easy on the flesh for it lies, and deceives us and is untrustworthy! The same thing with our feelings for the most part. Deceitful little buggers they are! This is why the good Lord told us to, bring every thought to captivity in Christ!?
        Thanks for your prayers and blessings. God bless you Agent X. I hope what I wrote may help.

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  2. Agent X says:


    I am wondering: Did your friend find a PLACE to recover? Did God send an angel? A church? A church member?

    A Samaritan???


    I hope so. But I sure wonder about it.

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  3. agentdc says:

    Our Father in heaven, Please help this man to have healing after surgery and to be able to have shelter. Please motivate your followers to help the poor and homeless. Thank you for Jesus and help us to follow His teachings. In Jesus’s Name, Amen

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    1. anonymous~ says:

      Thank you so much for your prayers! God bless you and your family!

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  4. anonymous~ says:

    Thank you for your prayers!
    He’s out of the hospital, and so far so good. Thank you Lord! And God bless you and your family!

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  5. Agent X says:

    Oh LORD God, I thank You that You care for the poor and needy and the lost lambs You carry back to the fold over Your shoulders. I thank You for Your church, body of Jesus enfleshed in the world today and walking through this world like Jesus walking dusty Galilean trails being mobbed by needy people at every turn, whom he feeds and heals, and encourages and LOVES every step of the way.
    THANK YOU for giving this needy brother a room for the night, in fact for a few nights, in YOUR HOUSE.
    Thank YOU, God!

    Praise God! Hallowed be Thy name!


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  6. Agent X says:

    Reblogged this on Fat Beggars School of Prophets and commented:
    Please visit this blog and leave a prayer.

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