And Jesus wept.

Awakening to the sounds of the streets as I wake up in my tent on the sidewalks of Redding… As I take down my tent and pack up for the day I noticed a young lady, around thirties I would say, and I’ve seen her around since 2017, and she is sweet and kind to everyone she meets. She is known to have schizophrenia, she talks to things that are not seen by the rest of us. This whole situation this morning made tears flow down my cheeks as I packed my gear, and put it in a friend’s car who was waiting for me. A very good friend.

This poor woman stood there for an hour waiting for her boyfriend. Walking back and forth with the desperate look in her eyes! I could see the torment this situation was putting on her so my friend and I waited to make sure she made it to the park down the street safely. My friend mentioned that she had been put on what is called, a thirty day out, meaning, she has lost her services at the only mission in Redding for a month! This is what drives me crazy to the point of tears! The scandal that is the church today! How can this be?! And as I wept for this child…. The verse went through me… and Jesus wept!

By the grace, and mercy of God… she is my teacher… and a light to shine upon the demons/judgements that may still lurk deep within… until I see only Jesus Christ standing in front of me!? Amen!

God bless you all, and good night

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