A view of, Isaiah 3:15!

I’m going through the prophets, and what they have to say about God and his poor, and needy… the widow’s, and orphans… the fatherless! This honestly is a hard thing to write about because… there are better writer’s than me, and greater saints to write about God’s heart. Yet, here I am Lord, send me! So here we go…

The Lord speaks through His prophet Isaiah fourteen times specifically about the poor, and here is the first one:

What mean ye that ye beat my people to pieces, and grind the faces of the poor? saith the LORD of host.” ~ Isaiah 3:15

What a statement of God’s love and motherly concern for whom he calls, “my people”! Connecting “the poor”, to this questioning statement by the LORD of host Himself! A question of why this report of God’s people being beat to pieces, and why the grinding of the faces of the poor is being given to him at all!? For they are His people! God seems shocked at the thought of such a thing being reported.

For me this text comes alive upon the streets I live on everyday. I see… witness the brokenhearted… the abandoned walking the streets looking for their next fix… of whatever that is for them… attempting to numb the pain… medicating a wound… That only the love of holy salve from heaven… Written in the pages of our Holy Words may heal! LORD, just say the word, and I shall be healed! It truly breaks my heart every time I see a single homeless person! Let alone hundreds! When I read these pages of Holy Words from the prophets lips, and I see a single homeless person… I have to ask, Why is there a single homeless person on the streets at all?! Where are God’s elect?! Where are the Saints of my Lord and God?! Where are the army’s of the Virgin Mary?!

There are anti-homeless legislation that is intended to motivate people through the creation of law’s throughout this country to make it illegal to sleep in public areas, parks, sidewalks, any public area will get you a ticket! Now that makes sense!? Not really. Let’s put a burden on the poorest of the poor by giving them a ticket?! Now one of my pet peeves is this: most cities are populated with churches and Christians, and a majority work in public office of some kind, even on the city council. If the majority of the city is run by “Christians”, or people claiming to be followers of the Way, then why are there such law’s in effect?! And why do church buildings sit empty most of the week?! When the poor sleep on hard concrete, and are abused by city police, and the public, and by other homeless who have given up on any hope of redemption, or the thought that God loves them at all!? They straight up violate God’s law’s every single day! All day long! And as I understand… the blood of the poor dying alone, and abandoned on these streets of the United States of America is upon our hands! Each and every one who calls themselves a friend of Jesus Christ, and His people needs to beg God for the grace to love his neighbor as himself! And for forgiveness for any blood upon our hands, and heart! Have I hated my neighbor? Then I’ve hated God! I am just as guilty as you my friend! I’m not preaching to just be heard about what God has laid upon my heart, and what I have witnessed. Yet to also remind me of where the good Lord, blessed be His name, pulled me out of such darkness through His blessed Mother Mary’s Rosary four short years ago! Now on with Isaiah…

The verse is an accusation that you/me are beating God’s people to pieces! Here and now! In every city in the United States of America you can witness this hatred for the poor and homeless every single day, even on Christmas! This is not just an old story of Israel and God. These texts… These Words come alive and bring such pain, and sorrow with them because the good Lord in his mercy has graced my heart to see what he sees. And thank God I can only see in part. Because I can’t contain all He sees. I would burst from the shear agony of all the sorrows, and unnecessary suffering people endure because God’s children have been lied to by Satan himself! And God let them have strong delusions…!? Is this you/me?!

Let us look at this a little closer. Just how the people of God, the poor is broken to pieces here on the streets!? Are you willing to look with me? I can only do this, “looking” with the grace of God! True, and simple statement.

It’s known that if you sleep deprived a person long enough that you will create a situation that overwhelms a person to a breaking point. We experience this kind of treatment almost every day/night, and it really does affect a person in very unhealthy ways, and lays sin at our door! And yet, if a poor man cries out to the Lord, the Lord will hear him in his sorrows! For the Lord is gracious! Try going through the week with about twenty hours of sleep?! It’s rough. Then after the sleep deprivation, the person is more appt to make mistakes, and commit crimes, and the end result is: more degradation, isolation, self hate, your world spins out of control. And you sense deep down inside of you that God hates you… has cursed you… As does His people, or so it seems. So the law’s of the land cause so much suffering and sorrow for the poor, and what can we do about this? I wrote a long time ago that the answer to our ” homeless problem ” is right in front of us… ” Take them into your house”, Isaiah 58 states… (That’s the good Lords way of fasting, by the way!) All throughout Holy Scripture! The law’s of the land create obstacles to cause the chosen of the ‘Lord of all” to stumble and fall. While most church people pay tithing, maybe donate to the local charity, and or the local shelters in the area. And that’s all fine and good as far as the world goes… Yet, as far as the word of God, and his ways.. to allow law’s to pass that allow torture of the least of your country men, the people within thy gates… women, and children who are sleep deprived… this is deemed torture by the US supreme Court! And is against the law of the supreme Court, and yet is still in use against us! Why?

And here’s a question, what does the spirit of the Lord, not the letter, yet the spirit says, you’ve been delivered out of the land of Egypt, …. fill in the blank with where God found you, and saved you from the furnace of hell that if God was truly a God of punishment, He would have left you there, the same as me. Think about it? That’s your Egypt, your prison in the spirit world, and God snatched you right out of the claws of our advisary, the devil! Praise God for his merciful grace!

Where are God’s elect?!

Who will stand and repair the breach?!

Who will I send to warn the people?!

If there be a Warning, and I do not heed it, to warn you… Then your blood will be upon my hands! Lord have mercy!? And the Lord is my mercy! Amen!

This may sound personal. It is not. Yet, it isn’t a pretty thing to look at. Some more on Isaiah 3:15…

Yet, this does happen to the poor because of the allowing of these laws against the homeless, the poor within your city gates! The helpless… hopeless ones walking your city streets… wandering as ghost for lack of love… for lack of care… for lack of nutritional food, sleep deprived, abandoned by all!? They wander for lack of spiritual food! For not one has shown them the true love of God! What we have all read in the book… We don’t see it! We witness it between us, on most days. Sometimes I wonder if the people who are not listening to the Lords spirit, and are sitting in the pews waiting for a word… Well… Here it is! All the prophets and all the writings hang upon two teachings…

The perpetual nightly, and daily tensions of knowing that you/I am breaking the law simply because we’re houseless/homeless is a stressor none of us need. Yet, it to wears us down inside, and it actually makes most of the poor to feel angry, and bitter towards the majority of citizens, and Christian’s. When I hear these stories about the abuse of the poor, I attempt to direct the person to pray for there attackers, and ask for the grace to forgive them! This is so important for us to understand, especially out here! There are those of us who have serious health issues, and the added stress of knowing you’re breaking the law compounds the problem even more. Stress, according to the health care system is the number one killer within our society, and we die out here every day! Yet the Lord of host sees all. There are people out here who need to be off the streets, housed, and cared for… The story of the good Sumaritin comes to mind?!

Love the Lord God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and body! And, love your neighbor as yourself! I know it sounds easy enough to do, right? I’ve found it the most difficult thing because, I wrestle with the prophets, and God’s holy Scripture every single day! And, he still blesses me. Yet, I know that the day I don’t feel that struggling with God, as Jacob did… Then I am without purpose, and lost once again to my own devices. Which leads me straight to hell! So the point of this is… God’s calling you and me out! You say that you are my friend? You say that you are part of my stock? You say that you are my children? You say that you love me? Why are my children pushed around? Why are my friends… My brothers, and sisters murdered within your city gates? Someone’s child, maybe in her twenties strung out, prostituting for a fix and or a meal. She was from a good family yet Satan had to steel her from God because he saw just a little of how God was going to use this innocent sister… As he whispered slippery, evilly suducing thoughts into her hungry soul searching for love. In this childs life of thirty some years she never felt loved by anyone except for me, that’s because she knew she could trust me, and this took some time to accomplish. This lady died on the streets of Oakland CA, and she was alone when she died. The news of her death, almost two years ago, busted my heart open in ways I have a hard time fathoming the true depth of. I find that the point is, where are we/you?! Are you out here helping out with the prophets, the needs of the poor, are they being fulfilled? Is anyone lonely?! Do you eat dinner alone? Then you truly are alone, and not serving your brother or sister who lives in God’s image right out side of your front door. There is an old saying, “my brother is my salvation!” Think about it?! And please read what the prophets.. the Lord has to say about the poor!? It’s all there, I promise!

Are you by their side?! This is exactly the point! You are to comfortable, and wrapped up in your luxury to notice the one’s outside! Or to isolated within those walls to hear the cry of the poor, and needy… Or their miseries, grief, their sorrows… So sorrowful most of the time to hear, and knowing that God is watching, and listening to the whole thing!? So you/I listen, and help them bear their burden for one more minute, or hour… Could you not pray with me for one hour?! God bless them! He knows who they are, His children that is.

It truly is a horrible feeling, a terrible feeling along with the physical reality of the fact that… We all on the streets have felt this at one time or another… You feel so terribly alone! Knowing deep down inside that if someone really loved you, you wouldn’t be sitting on the hard concrete, or the park bench as so many people do!

Yet, there are those who God has planted out here, to grow, and show the Way! This is the battle front! The modern church tells us, God loves you! As they drive to the local soup kitchen to help themselves believe, that they are fulfilling the comments of God, to feed the hungry, clothe the necked… Give out some socks, and a bag of stuff will secure my ticket to heaven! That is the way of the world! We talk about the Ten Comments, and all the “thou shalt not”, and don’t want to look any closer. Did you know that in the book of Leviticus there are at least four or five more “thou shalt not”, that we never hear preached in any church these days! And some of what the poor really need is a friend. Someone who will be there for them when they need the help! What they need is a stranger giving a …. about them in a real way, God’s grace, and the love, and forgiveness he shower’s down upon you every day is God’s gift to you to give them! Love covers a multitude of sin’s.

I believe that I for one, and I pray you also shall make a commitment to read, and reread the prophets until there words become my words!? Cutting the marrow from bone… Getting down to the source of my rebellion against my Lord and savior!? The Lord says, come, let us reason together, so I, the Lord, may bless the fruit of your labor, blessing everything you put your hands to! If you will only harken to my voice!? He begs us to reason with him so he may bless us! Wow! What a loving God we trust, and serve!? He didn’t die on the cross just to get you and me into heaven. I have always firmly believed that Jesus also by example was showing us how to live as His deciples, apostles, saints, prophets, and yes, prophetesses. ( Look that last one up, and you’ll find them there in the text.) I have always hoped and prayed for the day that, may the good Lord bless me, to see prophets, and apostles walk down the street and their shadows fall on the sick, and they are healed! I look forward to those days that the good Lord will shower his grace upon his people that others take notice of the power of God in His people! This is the love I seek, and dream of within the army of our Lord and Lady!

Seeing things God’s way isn’t easy, I know. Yet, when I look at what God has done for me, inside me… What is a man supposed to do? Lord God, I am unworthy. Yes please send me, for it is my humble honor to serve such a gracious King as you! 

We follow His gracious heart, seeing the world through His eyes, His heart showing us the way of truth, and Justice, real Godly merciful Justice… Loving Justice! This sadly isn’t what we see in our world. In this church age I’ve seen just the opposite of what I read in our holy Scripture! And at the end of a grueling day on the streets of any city…

The second half to be written in the next day or two. Please forgive my grammatical mistakes? As I said, I’m not a writer.

I pray that you have some understanding, wisdom showered down from heaven, and brought directly to you by your guardian angel, and that is the only voice you hear… Like Daniel, and the Angel that visited him. ~ Daniel 10

Peace be with you. And may the will of God be made clear to our 💓


  1. anonymous~ says:

    I’m truly touched by your beautiful kind words! To be honest, this is the highest complement. Thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for reposting it! God bless you and your family! I am truly amazed at your comment to the point it brings tears to this old man’s eyes. I’m grateful to God… For many things.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Agent X says:

      Hey Anonymous,

      I really appreciate your voice here. I have never read anything hear that didn’t convict me like the Holy Spirit. If that changes, I will let you know. But I think your voice is a gift from God.

      I was in a hurry when I read this and reblogged it. Sorry. No time for my own life.

      Anyway, some of what you wrote here made me think I should ask:

      Have you ever read Shane Claiborne’s The Irresistible Revolution ? The question mark is not part of the title.

      It is a very easy to read book. Extremely easy to read.

      Claiborne is not Catholic, but Methodist. But he has such a fascinating story to tell and he works with Catholics in street ministry. And he has an awesome chapter about his time with Mother Teresa, among many others.

      Anyway, if you haven’t read it, I think it will bless you. If you have, you already know what I mean. And if you need a copy and cannot obtain one… well, he tells us right in the book to be sure and share it. He didn’t write it for the money and still even though he says that right in the book, his publisher still published it.

      So… let me know.

      God bless you.

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      1. anonymous~ says:

        Thank you again. My prayers are that the voice that burns within, and from the pages of Holy Scripture may call some out of the darkness, and into the arms of our Lord. He’s waiting for us to follow, and some hear his voice already.
        I have read Mr. Claiborne’s writings, and found it very clear, and an easy read. I actually enjoyed it, even though it breaks my heart to read the tragedies, and mistreated of the poor people all over the world! It’s disgusting and hard to digest to say the least. I’m very glad to know that what I write has touched someone for the good! That truly is wonderful news! Thank you Agent X!
        God bless you and your family!

        Liked by 3 people

  2. Agent X says:

    Reblogged this on Fat Beggars School of Prophets and commented:
    Hey, do me a favor. Before you read this post, pull out your concordance and look up how many places the Bible blames the poor for the plight of the poor, and then look how many times the Bible blames the rich for it. Then read this post. Then burn When Helping Hurts by Corbett and Fikkert. Makes smores over it, and share them with the homeless!

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