A list of titles this wandering searcher of my Lord and God carries, and studies.

1. Holy Scripture, Douay Rheims version.

2. The Devil’s Scourge. By Girolamo Menghi. 

3. True devotion to the Virgin Mary. By St. Louis De Montfort.

4. At the foot of the Cross; or, the sorrows of Mary. By Fr. Faber.

5. Under the Mantle. By Donald H. Calloway MIC.

6. The Secrets of the Rosary. By De Montfort.

7. The Presious Blood. By Faber.

8. The Spiritual Combat. By Dom Lorenzo Scupoli.

9. The Blessed Virgin in the First Six Centuries. By Thomas Livius. (This is a true treasure, and rare. Originally published in 1893.)

10. The Prophets. By Abraham J. Heschel. (A prophet could only write a book as this Rabbi did. Just my opinion.)

11. Yeshua. By Yacov Rambsel. (This is about the ELS codes in the Hebrew scripture. Especially within the Torah itself, this is of special interest.)

12. Genesis. By Yacov Rambsel. Amazing mysteries of the Bible codes. (With this book, and the other by the same author, and the information they contain most people are unable to deny the existence of God! Powerful information for an unchurched generation/culture/society!)

Momento Mori. Prayers on the last things. By Theresa Alethela Noble, FSP. (This is an art we have forgotten, and was used by all the saints to remind themselves… One day I shall die, and stand before my Lord and God, my friend, my savior! What will I tell him about all the time I wasted!?)

This is what I carry everyday, and make time to read, and study as best I can in the chaos that is my world… in the jungle. It’s a heavy burden sometimes witnessing the cruelty, and flat out cold heartedness coming straight from God’s children!?! It is difficult not to be callous sometimes as the days seem to drag on… I pray that the Lord will show me mercy, and shower me with his grace. Thank you Father God 🙌 I really appreciate all your response, and likes. God bless you all, and good night.


  1. Agent X says:

    Your charitable and forgiving spirit shines through on this blog. It is, at points, just amazing – even stunning. It is one of the features here that excites me most – almost completely unparalleled in the blogs I read. Perhaps Tim’s is the only other one that comes close. I just want to encourage you to keep it up.

    Your blog is a blessing and a treasure to those who give it a chance.

    Thanx and God bless you!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. anonymous~ says:

      Those are very kind words to describe such a sinner that our Lord and Lady seems to love, and at times shower their Grace’s upon this blessed wretch! I attempt to share honestly what I witness, as best as I can. Thank you again for your kind words, and encouragement! God bless you and your family!


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