Spiritually equipped?

How do I even start? Most people say; you only need God, and what he wrote upon your heart to guide you in life!? Then I asked, what about the word of God, don’t you need that too at the very least? And the response is usually, oh yeah, you need a Bible of course. Well, which Bible?

I converted to Catholicism in 2008 in Mt. Angle, Oregon. It was beautiful and I had finally found peace, and I mean real peace of mind and heart. Coming from a Pentecostal back ground I had a serious problem in to Mary. Then I found The Glories of Mary, and I was swept off my feet through the mystics, and their treatment of our beautiful Mother Mary. For beautiful in grace was she to me… a very sinful man. I was in love with The Blessed Virgin, and you couldn’t shut me up when it came to her, and all she was in the church mystics that I was finding… Falling in love with more and more every day! Then fate came knocking… Then we moved to Texas in 2010 my dear mother, and wife, and off to Texas we went. Then by the middle of 2012 I had watched both of my dear ladies pass away, and burried both. By the end of it I had lost everything dear to me, and I hated God! By 2012-13 I was well on my way to hell through my wrath that I had towards God built into a flaming torch that I was sure no person could break through! I was the guy that in 15-30 minutes I could make you, a believer… doubt! That my friend is all it takes to start the process… the planting of the proverbial seed of doubt…

Then in 2017 I was performing a ritual and needed something out of my book cabinet. As I opened the door I smelled the most beautiful scent, and spotting a little container I had placed in there over a year ago, I reached in and opened it pouring it out into the palm of my hand I lifted it to my nose, and smelled the same beautiful aroma I had when I opened the door. I was knocked down to my knees, light of some kind filled in around me, and I knew in a moment I had just been pulled from the claws of the devil! Snatched right out of the gate of hell! Everything in my room I knew in an instant was evil! I was terrified and relieved at the same time! That was just three short years ago… Oh how time passes. Four months before this being knocked to my knees experience I had been hurt on the job, and after nine months of physical therapy… I could walk on my right leg again… Then I became homeless because I fell through the cracks I have been told. Through all this I have noticed one thing, actually many things but who’s counting lol. The one thing is people’s personal choice of the Bible, and how much that affects a person’s spiritual and emotional integrity. I’ve personally been without a Bible I felt comfortable with reading for a number of years now. The reason being is I prefer the douay Rheims edition of the Bible, I’m kind of a traditionalist when it comes to my Catholicism, and what I read. So remember in all my babbling… If you know someone who needs a Bible, and you can help them…. Please do! It really makes all the difference between feeling connected with God’s word vs questioning every word written before you! Have a wonderful day, and remember; every breath is a gift from God! God bless!

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