A plead to God’s people! D

How do I express, and discribe the feelings God, and His word have laid upon my heart in regards to the treatment of the poor, and needy… the homeless of this country, let alone the homeless of the world?! Not to leave out the punishment, chastisement, and possible almost annialation, as in Israels case for transgressing God’s word, God’s truth. So this is also a warning to all believers, and even those sitting on the proverbial fence. Please, please find where this fits within your life, and reason with God…. for this is what He is asking from you and me!?

I have fought, and struggled with myself, with God, and God’s word, and with what I have not only witnessed, yet experienced in the last ten years among the various Christian sect’s I have encountered, and how their treatment of the poor does not line up at all with the Word of God, nor even with what the apostle’s lived, taught, and preached… let alone what they wrote to us about the poor of the world, and how to treat them! Here are just five verses that speak specifically, directly about how God pleads for us to do what is right in the sight of the LORD, and adding blessings to you if you’ll only walk in His ways.
At least this is what I am seeing, and what God has shown me through the studding of His word, as He has graced me to know.

Amos 4:7-11 If there be among you a poor  man of one of thy brethren  within any of thy gates in thy  land which the LORD thy God  giveth thee, thou shalt not  harden thine heart, nor shut  thine hand from thy poor  brother:

8 But thou shalt open thine hand  wide unto him, and shalt surely  lend him sufficient for his need, [in that] which he wanteth.

9 Beware that there be not a  thought in thy wicked heart,  saying, The seventh year, the  year of release, is at hand; and  thine eye be evil  

10 Thou shalt surely give him, and  thine heart shall not be grieved  when thou givest unto him:  because that for this thing the  LORD thy God shall bless thee in all thy works, and in all that thou puttest thine  hand unto.

11 For the poor shall never cease  out of the land: therefore I  command thee, saying, Thou  shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to  thy needy, in thy land.


  1. anonymous~ says:

    WOW! Your first paragraph…. me… for I didn’t realize how others were hungry for these words… God’s words, and always to God’s glory. Yet, you are right… there is a deep seeing, a heart ache that comes with this vision of the poor and rich. It’s truly very difficult to write about. Having led to many tears throughout the years, and God smiles. And please forgive my being crazy lol?
    Thank you, and God bless you.

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  2. anonymous~ says:

    Maybe part of the reason I can be so straight forward is I’m 60, and a widower twice. So, I see things differently than most!? Not to mention G-ds mercy knocked me to my knees a few years ago, and infected my heart with the almost 200 times G-d speaks of the poor, all throughout scripture. I appreciate your time and words very much, thank you again!
    G-d bless you.

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  3. Agent X says:

    Reblogged this on Fat Beggars School of Prophets and commented:
    Just found this blogger. I hoe you will pay him a visit and hear what this post says. Very true stuff.

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    1. anonymous~ says:

      That is very kind of you reblogging my post, thank you.

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      1. Agent X says:

        Thanx to you for posting it! Wish I had found you sooner. The things you said here are extremely important, so terribly overlooked by God’s people, and in my own experience it’s been a bit lonely here in the blog-O-sphere speaking out on such things. Thus, thank YOU for posting.

        (Actually, in recent months I am finding some to be at least more sensitive to these matters. However, very few post like you did here.

        Looking forward to more.

        God bless you.


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      2. anonymous~ says:

        Those are very kind words, and cherished, tenderly… Thank you for such encouragement. I do struggle with my faith, and the “Church” as G-ds children… I’ve read to much history… lol.
        Not to mention my personal experience with G-ds children!
        Honestly, your writing is a pleasure to read. Thank you.

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      3. anonymous~ says:

        I apologise for not responding sooner.. please forgive me? I pray that you are safe and warm 🙏 and you’re right, it is lonely in these narrow places the Lord seems to have me walking lately. I’m very happy to meet someone else who cares about the poor, and sees it from the heart, thank you for your support and encouragement for I am timmed about my writing, and appreciate the time you took to respond to my writing… Thank you.
        God’s blessings prayed for you!!!
        Happy New year 🎉

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      4. Agent X says:

        Your post was so very powerful, and your voice so authentic, the moral authority you bring to the discussion comes with the weight of conviction.

        I hope you will post again. More like that. Appealing to God’s word, illuminating that even among those on the streets, there are people who know and see quite plainly what is happening, and thus we are not allowed to simply over rule them and pretend we didn’t know or that really we care when we so easily neglect God’s Word on these things.


        I am indebted to you. We all are. And I look forward to more.

        Keep preaching. This little ministry of yours is dynamite. God’s dynamite comes in small packages. He uses Moses who can’t talk, a little shepherd boy against a giant, a whore to hide spies, a coward to lead his army and so many other ironic ministers of his Glory. When he speaks through an old homeless man, and does so with the authority and humility you do, then when his word fulfills its mission, which we know it will, it wont be you or me who gets the Glory, but him. And there can be no greater pleasure for one who represents him.



        And I am eager for more.

        God bless


  4. Agent X says:

    Amen! Preach it, Brotha. I hear ya.


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